Richard co-founded the AANHCP and has provided hoof care professionals specialized training in the art and science of hoof care and booting for a number of years. Many of the leading natural hoof care professionals throughout the world have trained with Richard. He is a charter member of Liberated Horsemanship. Richard is a field and Gateway To Hoof Care Instructor. He also teach an Advanced Topic clinic for us. Richard has a BS degree in Agronomy, the science of soil management and crop production, from the University of Arkansas.

Location: Harrison, Arkansas, USA

Home: 870-429-5739

Cell: 870-577-3974


Website: Swiss Horse Boots

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Richard Drewry


Dr. Nock has been a scientist for 40+ years. He is a tenured faculty member of multiple departments at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a subject of biographical record in both Marquis’ Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare.

Dr. Nock has published numerous articles of original research in leading scientific journals on diverse topics including learning theory, wild horse behavior and stress physiology. Currently his research is funded by the United States National Institute of Health and focuses on transgenerational and epigenetic effects of morphine.

Dr. Nock has a deep practical and academic knowledge of animal behavior and related topics. He has a Master of Science degree from a psychobiology program at Bucknell University that focused almost entirely on animal behavior and related subjects. He earned a PhD from the world renown Institute of Animal Behavior, Rutgers University, and continued with four years of post-doctoral studies that focused on behavioral neuroendocrinology. The best part is, he can communicate what he knows in straightforward, understandable terms.

Dr. Nock is an avid horseman—a dressage and trail rider and dressage instructor. He is the author of the acclaimed book Ten Golden Rules of Horse Training: Universal Laws for all Levels and Riding Styles, the newly released book Ride For Tomorrow: Dressage Today and the highly regarded series of articles entitled The Biology of Natural Horsemanship. He has been helping people train and ride horses for many years through clinics and private lessons.

In addition to Liberated Horsemanship, Dr. Nock serves on the faculty of The Kerulos Center—a non-profit organization which finds science-based solutions to pressing questions and concerns that affect the lives of animals. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC), a broad-based coalition representing over 10 million supporters, and has written a series of science-based articles for the AWHPC on how Bureau of Land Management practices negatively affect the long-term health and welfare of America’s wild horses. He has also written a number of declaration to support legal actions by advocate groups against the United States Government’s management of our wild horses.

Dr. Bruce Nock


Ann is the founder of “Liberated Hoof Care,” a corporation based outside of Lexington, KY. She is the Director of LH’s Barefoot Initiative. Ann is a world leader in natural hoof care education who is comfortable in the field as well as in the classroom. Ann is the author of Form Follows Function, an outstanding, informative article about how a proper hoof form facilitates function … a fundamental tenet of natural hoof care. During the Gateway Clinic, Ann teaches participants how to do an authentic natural trim that maintains internal and external foot components in proper alignment and allows the foot to grow into a strong compact form that functions optimally. Her extensive knowledge from field and teaching experiences also allows Ann to help participant anticipate and cope with things they may encounter while trimming.

Location: London, Kentucky, USA

Home: 606-224-0466

Cell: 606-878-0466


Skype: ann.corso

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Ann Corso CHCP – KY

Mike R. Smith


Mike lived in Germany for 30 years and speaks fluent German which has been a real asset for German speaking hoof care students. He returned to the USA in 1997 as the lead technician for a large cable company. Then, for personal reasons, Mike could no longer follow that career path. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In 1998 he purchased two quarter horses. What a difference going from European TB’s to Quarter Horses. Yet, there was no difference in the poor hoof quality of these shod horses. When one of his horses foundered it eventually led Mike to natural hoof care. After almost 1½ years of unsuccessful conventional treatments, natural hoof care brought immediate improvements.

Mike is a LH Field Instructor and Natural Trim Workshop Instructor. He has saved numerous horses which were destined to be euthanized. And hundreds more now have sound hooves and better lives thanks to his efforts.

In 2004 Mike established New Hope Stables, an equestrian boarding and camping facility, where all the horses are kept in a natural boarding paradigm that facilitates movement through the placement of resources and social interactions. He also gives public presentations to anyone interested in improving their horses’ well-being. He found his calling and is truly blessed.

Location: Statesville, North Carolina, USA

Phone: 704-592-5034


Website: New Hope Stables & Campgrounds

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John is a charter member of LH and has now retired. We are indebted to John for his pioneering contributions as a Gateway Clinic Clinician and Field Instructor. In recognitions of his unique and valued friendship and services, John is the first of our faculty to be award Emeritus status. For those who haven’t had the pleasure and honor of meeting John, he graduated at the top of his class from Heartland Horse shoeing School in Lamar, MO, and was taught by arguably the best horseshoer and blacksmith in the country, Chris Gregory. Later, John became one of the first full time farriers to make a complete transition to dedicated natural hoof care professional. You can download the fascinating story of John’s journey from farrier to natural hoof care professional from our Free Library.


John Graves


Louetta Plumlee


Louetta was raised on a small farm in southwest Missouri where she developed a strong bond with her family’s riding horses. Later, when she got her own horses and after a lot of frustrating days waiting for the farrier to show up and do a so-so job, she decided to go to farrier school. Still she knew there had to be something better. Finally she found it, natural hoof care. Louetta is now a certified hoof care professional serving clients in northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri. She is also a LH Field Instructor. Louetta has a great love for what she does.

Location: Berryville, Arkansas, USA

Home: 870-749-2207

Cell: 870-423-9396


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Joey is an exceptional hoof care professional. His career began as a child when he mentored with his farrier uncle. Joey now has the distinction of being a certified natural hoof care professional as well as a certified farrier.

Location: Abilene, Texas, USA

Cell: 210-274-7943


Website: Steelbent

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Cynthia graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Animal Science and then went on to do Social Work for a number of years. During a continuously varied work career, the one constant for her was her involvement with horses. She has been involved in 4-H as a Judge, and a leader and coach at both the local and state level. She is a certified riding instructor for both English and Western riding. She and her husband bred Quarter Horses and showed a number of Minnesota State Champions.

Cynthia trims hooves full-time in both South Dakota and Minnesota and is an LH field instructor. She lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota about 15 miles from Mount Rushmore.

Location: Hill City, South Dakota, USA

Home: 605-574-2469

Cell: 612-481-3036


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Bruce's background with horses, which began at an early age on his family's cattle ranch, has included rodeo, polo, and starting colts for ranch work. He later employed a string of barefoot draft horses and saddle horses at his guest ranch and natural horse-boarding facility in the mountains of western Canada, where he offered hay rides, sleigh rides and guided horseback adventures over rugged trails of the back country.

Bruce now operates a natural hoof care business from his location near Sacramento, California. He enjoys sharing his experiences with horse-owners and aspiring natural hoof care professionals who are interested in learning how to successfully provide a natural lifestyle for the horses in their care.

Bruce Goode, CHCP

Davis California, USA

Cell: 530-400-2441



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* Refunds will be granted up to three weeks prior to a scheduled event. A $30 processing fee plus any PayPal fee will be deducted from each refund. No refunds will be granted within three weeks of the event.

Cynthia Niemela


Bruce Goode


Joey Muzquiz


Eddie started a journey in early 2002 to save two of his own horses (one with Navicular, the other a founder case) that vets and farriers said were both hopeless. Not ready to give up on them, Eddie’s research lead him to natural hoof care. Seeing the results was all it took to convince him more people needed to know about proper natural hoof care. With very few trimmers in Texas at the time, he decided to become certified himself. Eddie knows first hand what a difference in depth training in natural hoof care can make and really enjoys teaching and having students come to work with him from all over the world. Eddie and his family live in SE Texas on a small farm with their six horses, including the two that started it all who have been happily sound ever since. He trims full time covering a good portion of the Central and Coastal Regions of Texas. Eddie is a LH field instructor and does the Final Assessment for our Natural Hoof Care Training Program For Working Professionals.

Location: El Campo, Texas, USA

Cell: 979-533-1731


Website: Natural Trimming For A Healthy & Sound Equine

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Fee = US$ 175/Day.*

Terrie is a field Instructor for our barefoot program. She began her journey into natural hoof trimming when one of her horses foundered. The logic behind the conventional treatment for founder just didn’t make sense. There had to be a better approach. Learning the natural trim and seeing the healing in her horse served to reinforce, (more like cement), Terrie’s belief that when we work with nature to heal, instead of thinking we can supersede it, we find amazing results. If we work with nature on a daily basis, we prevent so many poor health issues from even happening.

Terrie trims horses full time throughout the state of Kansas. She thoroughly enjoys being a practitioner for the Barefoot Initiative and teaching others. She wishes to share the rewards of helping nature bring out the natural hooves in horses as well as showing horse owners how to give their horses a healthier lifestyle through natural horse care.

Terrie and her husband own TR Ranch set in the beautiful flint hills by Alma, Kansas.  Aside from the Angus cattle, there are the TR Ranch horses including Quarter horses, Tennessee Walkers, Paso Finos, Paints, a Mini and “Speedy” the donkey. TR Ranch is about 2 hours West of Kansas City or, 25 minutes South Southeast of Manhattan, KS (K-State). The door is always open to anyone wanting to pursue the Barefoot Initiative. 

Terrie Yordy

Alma, Kansas, USA

Home: 785-765-3608

Cell: 785-477-3081


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An individual has to be exceptional to be considered for a teaching position with LH. They have to be highly skilled with an in-depth knowledge of pertinent information. They also have to be articulate—able to communicate in-depth information in understandable terms. Finally, they must be enthusiastic about teaching and personable—able to create a friendly welcoming environment conducive to learning and individual growth.

Terrie Yordy


Scott has worked for the city of Houston since the summer of 1984. From 1984 till the fall of 1989, he was employed at the Houston Zoo as a zookeeper where he worked with a wide variety of exotics … and horses. From the fall of 1989 till the present, he has worked for the Houston Police Department. The last 14 years have been with the Mounted Patrol Detail. Scott was instrumental in transitioning the Mounted Detail to barefoot horses, which has turned out to be a highly successful endeavor. You can download Scott’s highly informative article about the Houston Mounted Unit’s journey from shod to barefoot horses in our Free Library. Scott also operates the Cypress Creek Carriage Company in the Houston area—the horses have been barefoot for almost ten years. Scott is a field instructor and spear heads, along with Danny Pryor, our Natural Hoof Care Training Program For Working Professionals.

Location: Cypress, Texas, USA

Cell: 713-857-5344


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Officer Scott Berry


Officer Danny Pryor


Danny graduated from Prairie View A & M University in 1984. He served in the United States Navy from 1986 through 1990. He was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia on board the USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20).

Danny has been around and riding horses since he was ten years old.  He rodeoed on the local level and rode trails in the mid ‘80's. Danny joined the Houston Police Department in 1996 and was assigned to the Mounted Patrol Unit in 2002. He is now the primary trimmer for the Houston Mounted Patrol Unit.  He is also the Day Shift Horsemanship Instructor and he assists in training the Unit’s horses too. Danny was instrumental in transitioning the Houston Police horses from shoes to barefoot. He is a field instructor and spear heads, along with Scott Berry, our Natural Hoof Care Training Program For Working Professionals.

Location Brookshire, Texas, USA

Phone: 713-823-6573


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Dr. Neal Valk


Dr. Valk is an equine veterinarian and board certified large animal surgeon. He established Stonehill Veterinary Center in Greeneville, TN in 1998. Dr. Valk now specializes in natural equine podiatry, providing rehabilitative and maintenance equine hoof care services. He is the only equine veterinarian and board certified large animal surgeon in the world who is also a fully certified natural hoof care professional. Dr. Valk is a LH field instructor and Advanced Topic instructor.

Location: Greenville, Tennessee, USA

Phone: 423-639-9200


Website: Natural Equine Podiatry, Stonehill Veterinary Center

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Eddie Drabek


Nancy began her hoof care experience under the auspice of her aunt Sharon, a 30 year veteran shoer, in 2003. During her apprenticeship, she observed a variety of equine conformations and hoof qualities. The most impressive observation was that, once retired, nearly all equines are kept barefoot. It was this one simple observation that would change her forever, “The hooves appear to heal after we pull the shoes off, so why are we putting them on in the first place?” She began to seriously question the conventional methodologies in 2005 when her five year old Quarter Horse was diagnosed with White Line Disease. It was inconceivable for Nancy to accept that her own Wendy would need shoes, and a resection, to rid the hoof of its affliction. She spent many sleepless nights searching the internet, desperate for an answer. It was then that she found authentic natural hoof care, and hired a trimmer to teach her the barefoot techniques, which healed Wendy’s hooves within months. By 2007, Nancy was a certified instructor and clinician. She thrived upon sharing everything with her students and clients.

Nancy has a clientele of 180+ horses. She has “the greatest clients anyone could hope for,” and will accommodate any needs her students have to ensure their success.

Nancy completed an Associate in Liberal Studies with a focus in communications, including basic ASL. She graduated with highest distinction (3.9 GPA).

Nancy Frishkorn, CHCP

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, USA

Phone: 724-255-6465


Website: All Natural Hoof Care

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Nancy Frishkorn


Mark was the Director of Strategic Planning for the AANHCP and is now one of our valued field instructors. He is a full time hoof care professional. Here’s what Mark says about it: “I enjoy every minute of it. I have nine of my own horses ... and no longer have to worry about finding someone to take care of their hooves. I am so happy I chose a natural hoof care certification program over farrier school.

Ashland, Mississippi, USA

Home: 662-224-3043

Cell: 662-224-4158


Skype: barefoot191

Website: Natural-Hoof: Barefoot Horse Trimming

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Fee = US$ 175/Day.*

Darcy Bulmer


Dr. Geoff Tucker DVM – FL

Dr. Tucker is an experienced clinician who specializes in equine dentistry. He has personally performed an astounding 47,000 floats in his career. Dr. Tucker is an experienced horseman who’s skill with and understanding of horses shine through when he’s working … no power tools and very limited use of medication. Most importantly there is an elegant simplicity to Dr. Tucker’s approach to floating teeth. His practice is based in Florida and he travels to several states teaching and floating. Dr. Tucker teaches an Advanced Topic Clinic, Equine Dentistry Without Drama, for us.

Location: Florida, USA

Phone: 772-285-3866


Website: Equine Dentistry Without Drama

Dr. Walsh teaches an Advanced Topic Clinic for us, A Master Class In Laminitis. He is an internationally acclaimed expert on equine laminitis. His credits include:

  1. Founder of Homestead Veterinary Hospital in Missouri.

  2. Director of Clinical Research at Homestead Veterinary Hospital.

  3. Industry Fellow in the School of Veterinary Science at University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia.

  4. Missouri Veterinarian publication award, 1968.

  5. Inducted into the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show Hall of Fame, 1991.

  6. Missouri Hunter Jumper Organization Person of the Year, 2007.

  7. Missouri Hunter Jumper Organization’s Man of The Year award, 2007.

  8. Inducted into the International Equine Veterinary Hall of Fame of the American Farriers Association, 2009 ... in recognition of his contributions toward the advancement of our understanding of equine laminitis.

  9. Merial Lifetime Achievement Award, International Equine Conference of Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot, 2011.

  10. Founder and President of the Animal Health Foundation (AHF), a non-profit foundation devoted to finding the causes and ways to prevent laminitis-founder complex in horses. Since its inception 25 years ago the AHF has awarded 1.8 million dollars for laminitis research to individuals such as Dr. Chris Pollitt, Dr. Phil Johnson, and Kathryn Watts. Dr. Walsh also has personally participated in studies of the wild horses of Australia.

Dr. Don Walsh DVM – MO

Jeanine is the LH Director of Riding and Training and teaches both, specializing in lessons for individuals under 16. In addition, she organizes and is the contact person for Bruce’s riding and training clinics and private lessons. Jeanine is also a certified hoof care professional based in east central Missouri.

Jeanine fell in love with horses when she was just two years old and has never lost the passion. She has studied just about every riding discipline and training system possible, taking the best from each and integrating them into a viable teaching program for young people. Jeanine emphasizes the significance of reverence and understanding when dealing with horses and believes a consistent environment with minimum confusion is integral to the optimal development of both horses and young people. She wrote, “I love helping children find their confidence in communicating and caring for these animals that are so much bigger than they are.”

Location: Troy, Missouri, USA

Cell: 314-568-3290


Skype: jeaninek77

Jeanine Key


Professor Hebrock teaches full time at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, where his classes include equine hoof care, computer applications, and computer-design. He is an award-winning musician, electronics engineer and recording engineer with numerous product designs, as well as patents and publications, to his credit. Steve is a field instructor for our hoof care program and teaches an Advanced Topic clinic.

Location: Akron, Ohio, USA

Home: 330-644-1954

Cell: 330-813-5434


Skype: stevehebrock

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Prof. Steve Hebrock


Thomas L. Croce Architects and Liberated Horsemanship have united under the banner “LH Branded Equestrian Environments” to provide the only comprehensive approach to full service architectural design and construction, integrated with facility management and training consultation. The result is facilities planned, designed, and managed to optimize horse health and performance.

Thomas L. Croce Architects has completed planning and designs for equestrian facilities in 16 States. Tom, himself, has had barns featured in publications such as Stable Management, Thoroughbred Times, The Horse, Your Guide to Equine Health Care. One of his designs, Freedom Farm Equestrian Research and Development Center, was featured on the cover of the book Ultimate Horse Barns by Randy Leffingwell.

Tom has served as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Architecture, Miami University. He is consistently used as a resource for architectural articles published in national magazines and has published a number of articles himself. Tom also consulted on the preparation of the American Association of Horse Safety, Facility Guidelines.

Location: Ohio USA

Cell: 513-934-3957


Tom Croce

Certified Architect

Darcy grew-up on a cattle ranch in northern Alberta. He was riding and caring for horses from an early age. The ranch horses always went barefoot. Darcy can’t remember seeing any shod horses in his whole time growing up. Understandably, he finds it strange when people think their horses “need” shoes.

After a career as a Chartered Accountant, Darcy returned to his roots. He and his wife, Clare, own a small horse ranch in the North Okanagan Valley. His introduction to Liberated Horsemanship was through a clinic he attended in order to learn more about trimming his own horses. Darcy found it so rewarding that he decided to start a new career as a natural hoof care professional. He truly enjoys teaching horse owners  and trimmers working toward certification. 

Enderby, British Columbia, Canada

Home Phone: 250-838-6938

Cell Phone: 250-515-3150


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Kevin started trimming horses in 1986. That’s when he and his wife purchased a team of Belgium horses and learned everyone loved draft horses except the local farrier. So out of necessity he started trimming the seven horses on his farm. Then, in 2005 his wife purchased a young horse that came with shoes. He was told the horse had to be shod to be sound. Sure enough the horse was on and off lame/tender footed without the shoes. It caused Kevin to look for a better way of trimming. Finally, in 2009 he signed up for the April 2010 Liberated Horsemanship Gateway Clinic. In 2011, he was certified. All of the horses in his care improved and became sound on any surface. 

When Kevin is not trimming horses he can be found on the back of his Golden Palomino "Hudson" riding the trails or attending horsemanship clinics. In Kevin's words" I want to do the best by the horse whether on one or under one."  Kevin looks forward to helping others in their quest to improve their horse’s hooves. 

Dryden, Ontario, Canada

Home Phone: 807-937-5109

Cell Phone: 807-221-7630


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Fee = US$ 175/Day.*

Kevin Glenister

CHCP – Ontario

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Dr. Albert Villasevil Florensa is a citizen of Spain. He is currently a LH field instructor who we anticipate having an even greater role in LH affairs in the future. Dr. Villasevil is a veterinarian and certified hoof care professional with a broad-based education in horsemanship and related topics. Here’s is what Dr. Villasevil says about his background and experience (en español):

I was born in 1985 and had my first contact with horses at the age of 12. Since then I acquired my first horse which inevitably became an indispensable element in my life.

In 2000, with only 3 years of experience in the equestrian world, I felt there was something wrong in the way of communicating with horses that prevents us to have a completely friendly, healthy and empathetic relationship with them. It was born in me the need to find out more, so I became interested in the natural horsemanship movement, taking courses and studying methods developed by Diego Batistoni (taming wise), Chico Ramirez (natural horse management) and Pat Parelli (natural horsemanship).

My passion and my interest to improve the welfare of the horse led me to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine (2003-2008). Fortunately or unfortunately, my horse had a lot of hoof problems. When I got to college I decided to seek a solution by myself as the professionals I consulted didn't know a definitive answer to my horse's hoof problem. After studying various farrier manuals and concluding that the farriers were doing what was in the manuals, I kept looking and came across "barefoot" and... “that's it!”

In 2007 I began to collect material on this subject and study on my own. In late 2007 I proceeded to take the horseshoes off my horse (with the knowledge I have today I can say I made many mistakes and he paid for them, but at that time there was nobody doing Barefoot in Spain. The situation has changed so please call a certified professional to avoid causing problems and harm to your horse). After completing my degree in veterinary medicine and thanks to the success of my own horse I began to have a small customer group, so I decided to pursue in the rehabilitation of horses with hoof problems field.

As one of the things I love in life is learning and teaching, in 2008 I went to the University Alfonso X the Wise and got my Certified of Pedagogic Aptitude.

As I felt that I had to learn more and from a proper base I got certified in equine podiatry by the IAEP (Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry) and then by the AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care the Practices). I am proud to have been the first in Spain to have obtained each of these two certifications.

Today I continue my training in order to achieve maximum benefit for the horses in my care developing a holistic approach as broad as possible and offer the highest quality in my work. That is why in 2011 I got by the Chi Institute the Veterinary Acupuncturist degree and nowadays I'm studying the first level of nutrition through Dr. Kellon's online program.

We should add that I have given clinics about podiatry and equine welfare both private and public, national (Spain) and International, either alone or together with other professionals.

I should also mention that in 2012 I was the cofounder of a Spanish multidisciplinary company called Barefoot Solutions SL which mission is to strive for physical and mental wellbeing of the horses and thus promote the formation of owners and professionals, Paddocks Paradise design, the "natural horsemanship" ... We achieve this by working together with Marc Sanchez (podiatrist), Bernat Victor (Podiatrist), Victor Ros (behavioral therapist), Angels Gol (natural horsemanship expert), Eric (Equine Dentist) and Toni Ramon (chiropractor and physiotherapist).

For the last year I had been working with Florentino Pereira and Otilio Gonzalez in a working horse boot design. Now is under industrial production and being sold in Europe. The page is this: This boot has a lot of new stuff that improves the hoof function, the boot subjection and the wear velocity

Location: Spain

Phone: +34 686 54 88 22


Skype: alhanduin

Website: Equine Podiatry: art to science (Podología Equina: del arte a la ciencia)

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Fee = US$ 175/Day.*

Dr. Villasevil, DVM CHCP– Spain

Nick has worked with horses for over 35 years from his home base in the Highlands of Scotland, UK. Initially a professional Cytek Farrier, he now is devoted to natural hoof care. Nick has traveled extensively in Europe, the United States, and Africa teaching people about hoof care and talking about and helping people naturalize horse use and management practices in different climates and conditions.

Nick has been a leader in establishing natural hoof care internationally, formerly holding key positions in the AANHCP, including Board of Directors member, Coordinator of International Practitioner Affairs, Natural Trim Workshop clinician, field instructor and European Advisory Committee member.

Nick is a British Horse Society qualified riding instructor and competes in Eventing when time permits. Nick has extensive experience in managing horses for various disciplines. He keeps his horses on an exemplary artificial territory.

Nick’s Presentation:

Authentic natural hoof care is the most sophisticated, comprehensive method of hoof care known today. A properly done natural trim establishes a proper relationship between internal and external foot components, allows the foot to function properly to absorb shock and facilitate blood flow. It establishes an effective break over to enable agile movement in all directions and it provides a grip for secure movement on surfaces you could never safely take a horse with regular steel shoes. But the trim is only part of the story. Use and management practices are also significant. In his presentation, Nick will discuss the importance of naturalizing horse management practices in accordance with the wild horse model to hoof health and integrity.

Location: Scotland, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 7966 372641


Skype: nick.hill007

Website: CloverRose Equine

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Fee = US$ 175/Day.*

Nick Hill

CHCP – Scotland & Spain

I live in the South West of the UK in Cornwall, covering the county spending my days trimming and rehabbing equines and, in doing so, helping owners to understand how to keep their horses as natural as possible in order to grow fantastic healthy sound feet and bodies. 

I first became interested in Natural Hoofcare in 2002 when one of my little Shetlands Sunny became laminitic.  Watching him in pain and suffering was devastating and I desperately tried every traditional method available to me - remedial farriery with heart bars, egg bars, pads, starving, solitary confinement - finally the vets told me it was time to put him down.  That night I found Jaime Jackson’s books on the internet and Sunny’s and my life changed forever.  I then took on the role of trimming his feet and making the lifestyle changes he so desperately needed to get better.  Now all these years later I am a huge follower of the Natural Hoofcare movement and becoming an official CP for the AANHCP and Field Instructor with Liberated Horsemanship was definitely the natural progression for me.  Sunny is now one of the funniest and cheekiest little chaps in my herd of 14 and has remained fit and healthy for many years now.  

I was a science teacher before I became a full time trimmer and my teacher training has been a great complement to my Hoofcare training, enabling me to give lectures and presentations about Natural Hoofcare and how to achieve it.  I love my work and I intend to dedicate the rest of my life helping equines to lead as natural a life as possible in the hope that through education we can eradicate hoof problems that have plagued our domestic horses for decades. 

Liskeard, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Phone: 07588 249078


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Lindsay Setchell


I studied at the Government's Equestrian Training and Farriery School in Hospitalet de Llobregat (1999-2000) and I did the practices with internationally recognized farriers (Jaume Mares, Hans Casteljins, ...), since then I developed this office and all that that entails, such as the latest trends in the rational management of horses and new theories in equine orthopedics. I have also collaborated with the Catalan Equestrian magazine, with the completion of Emergency Horseshoeing courses. I collaborated with the creation of the Farrier Officer and Assistant Training Curriculum of the Catalonia's Government and the Spanish Ministry of Education. I had been involved too in the preparation of the formative curriculum for the EFFA's School (European Federation Farriers Asociation). I have been working as a teacher and coordinator at the ECAE (Agricultural and Equestrian Training School of the Catalonia's Government) for different types of courses (farrier officer, farrier assistant, expert care management, equestrian tourism guide...) for over 10 years.

I started the "emancipation" of my office and walked into the Barefoot world in 2008, thanks to colleagues as Albert Villasevil, Bernard Víctor, Victor Ros, Helka Leuthinen, Angels Gol, Nick Hill... who gave me the proper familiar environment needed to grow in this new world.

Barberà de la Conca, Spain

Phone: +34 606585285


Website: Podologia Equina Adaptada (Adapted Equine Podiatry)

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Fee = US$ 175/Day.*

Marc Sánchez Carbó

CHCP – Spain

A Naturalist dedicated to equids, Victor was introduced to the fascinating world of Horses and their behavior by Lucy Rees. Since then he went on to study Applied Animal Behavior (BSc) under Dr. Roger Abrantes at the Etologisk Institut, Denmark. Still under the tutorship of Dr. Abrantes, Victor obtained ABT (Animal Behaviour Therapist) and GAT (Graduate Animal Trainer) certification at the Ethology Institute, Cambridge.

He is currently involved in field research on equid behavior through his EFS (Equine Field Study) programs, dedicated to highlighting the importance of field work in the study of animal behavior. In the domestic domain his main focus is on improving the welfare of horses through a better understanding of the natural and applied sciences.

When not in the field, lecturing, or tutoring, Victor offers behavioral consultancy and behavior modification services to horse owners throughout Spain.

Location: Tarragona, Spain



Skype: Victor.Ros.Pueo

Website: EQUILIBRE Gaiá

Victor Ros Pueo



Mark Taylor


Amy is the owner of Transformative Health, a company dedicated to teaching people about the prevention of and recovery from injury and the physical deterioration that can occur with aging, inactivity and certain occupations and activities. She is highly qualified to help people attain and maintain the strength and agility required for a long-term career in hoof care or for riding horses. Amy has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s degree in physical therapy and is in the final year of a Maitland Australian Manual Physiotherapy Certification program. She is a certified cross fit instructor who is passionate about the benefits of proper posture and exercise.

Amy Posadas, BS, MPT

USA – Physical Therapist

Polina Vorobyova, CHCP, CBS

Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Phone: +79052297721


Skype: polinka4441

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Polina Vorobyova

CHCP, CBS – Russia

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Established 2003


Bruce Nock MS, PhD

Sarah Oliver, CHCP

Sarah lives near Carlisle right on the England/Scotland border

Mobile Phone: 07837904076


Website: Dare2bebarefoot

Sarah trims 90 – 100 horses a month, including mini Shetlands, donkeys, Thoroughbreds, endurance horses and draft horses. She always has spare cadaver hooves for extra training or dissection. Sarah has three riding horses and thousands of miles of forestry land right on her door step fot students to ride if they want. Sarah is also located in a great tourist area ... one hour from Hadrian’s Wall and several Roman forts plus there are lots of nearby castles. The Beamish museum is only 1.5 hours away and the beach is just 30 minutes away (take the horses and dog). Sarah can put people up for for a very low cost in her own home or in the castle next to where she keeps her horses. 

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Sarah Oliver

CHCP – United Kingdom