Liberated Horsemanship brings people together … special people sincerely motivated to learn, advocate and teach management and use practices which are beneficial to horses. Now, we would like to further empower and reward such people. So, if you are a thoughtful person who embraces management and use practices only after carefully considering their validity and impact on horse welfare, we’d like to get to know you better. Please join us on our journey to help horses.

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We have adopted the slogan “Riding Outside The Lines” for the Club to let people know those involved don’t blindly follow the crowd but, instead, give a deeper consideration to what they do to and with horses.

Why should I join the Pathfinder Club?
Because the more we stand together to make a difference for horses the more likely it is others will listen. There’s a snowball effect. As our numbers grow so does our credibility and influence. It puts us in a more favorable position to convince others small changes in management and use can significantly improve the welfare of domesticated horses and increase the fun of horsemanship. It also puts us in a stronger position to continue to support legitimate non-profit organizations like the Animal Health Foundation, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, and The Kerulos Center which, like Liberated Horsemanship, are dedicated to improving horse welfare.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead, American Cultural Anthropologist

As a club member, you will continue to have access to our training and educational programs. Selected new services will be exclusively available to club members. These services can help you evaluate alternatives, solve problems and make decisions about everything from facility and environmental design to which performance boots are likely to work best for your horse and activity. There are no fees associated with the following services which are available to club members only:

  1. Thirty minutes of consultation with Tom Croce, Thomas L. Croce Architects, Inc by telephone or in person during the Gateway Clinics. Let Tom help you solve current architectural or environmental problems you’ve encountered in horse keeping or discuss future horse facility designs with him. Tom will also provide you with a compilation of resources—suppliers, fabricators, vendors, for items like stalls, flooring, lighting, cupolas, etc. Read more about Tom.

  2. Thirty minutes of consultation about laminitis/founder with Cynthia Niemela, CHCP. Cynthia is not a veterinarian. Her knowledge comes from years of successful hands-on field experience as a hoof care professional. Cynthia graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Animal Science and has been certified by three independent hoof care training organizations. She is one of our highly qualified Field Instructors and a member of our stellar Advanced Topic faculty.

  3. Considering the suitability of natural hoof care for your horse? Talk it over with Eddie Drabek, CHCP. Eddie is one of the most widely known natural hoof care experts in the world. He has been certified by three independent organizations. Eddie is one of our instructors and a highly experienced natural hoof care clinician. We chose Eddie for this job because, in addition to his international experience and deep understanding of the benefits of properly done natural hoof care, he is pleasant to talk with and has the ability to communicate easily with people. Visit Eddie’s website.

  4. Finding and fitting performance boots for a barefoot horse can be a challenge. Talk it over with a true expert, Richard Drewry. Richard is a Master Hoof Care Professional who has been instrumental in the evolution of the modern natural hoof care movement. He has provided hoof care professionals specialized training in the art and science of hoof care and booting for a number of years. Richard is the exclusive US distributor of Swiss Horse Boots, but we chose Richard for this job because he is a fair-minded person who can speak knowledgeably about other performance boots as well. Read more about Richard.

Please note: Consultations with Tom, Cynthia, Eddie and Richard can be arranged only through email links provided on the new Liberated Horsemanship Pathfinder Club Website.

As a club member you will also enjoy significant rewards and discounts on selected Liberated Horsemanship services and products:

  1. Liberated Horsemanship will give you $200 for each person who says you were instrumental in convincing them to attend Liberated Horsemanship Gateway To Natural Hoof Care Clinic. If more than one club member is named as instrumental, they will share the reward.

  2. Dr. Nock’s books and articles are available on the Pathfinder Club Website at 15% off.

  3. Selected Liberated Horsemanship apparel is available on the club website at 20% off. Apparel with the slogan “Riding Outside The Lines” is available only to club members.

  4. Periodically, club members will receive announcements for special savings on popular horse-related products through our newsletters.

What do I have to do as a Club Member?

There’s no annual dues, no oath to take, and no legal contract to sign. Frankly, you don’t have to do anything except continue to do what you already do if you are a rational horse person—look for the most favorable ways to manage and use horses. And be willing to incorporate new authentic information as it comes along. That’s it.

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